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My Brachymetatarsia Correction Story

Day 66- Not So Patiently Waiting

Hi Everyone!- I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while.  It’s just that, I have to say, I am becoming ridiculously bored and impatient!  (I told you all I was going to be 100% honest)!  I have two weeks from today to go before I have my surgery to remove the fixator and do the other things I mentioned in a recent post.  I am soooooooo ready!  I have been using the bone stimulator for just over a week now, and my foot is definitely feeling stronger- whether this is due to the bone stimulator or just time and my own healing is hard to tell, I’ll never really know.  I find myself leaving my walker and hobbling around the house on my heel – never flatfooted – and sometimes it surprises me.  I recently actually lost track of where I left the walker, and my husband caught me pushing my walker in front of me as I held a drink in my hand, and he laughed and said that if that wasn’t a sign of healing he didn’t know what was!  🙂

But for the most part I am still doing the same with the walker and the crutches, I don’t want to push it and do anything stupid to mess anything up at this stage.  I find it very curious though that doctors that do this surgery have such different ideas about whether or not you can do any weight-bearing with the fixator.  I guess we just have to listen to our own doctors (for the most part) and follow their instructions.  Make sure you find out what these are beforehand,  and if you don’t like them, then find another doctor!  I certainly don’t want to get in trouble with Dr. T because I’ve been walking around too much, not after all the work we’ve both put in so far through this process.

On another note, I got a statement today from the insurance company, showing the charges for my surgery and treatment to date.  It wasn’t a bill, but showed that the charges were still “pending”, and had not been paid yet.  Get ready for this, the amount billed so far is just over $40,000!  So far, my part of this has been under $1,000, which includes part of what I owe for the next surgery.  So, for those of you wondering just how much this costs, that has been the total to date for me.  Crazy isn’t it?

I want to wish “C” good luck on her surgery this next week!  She is taking the leap and doing her own correction surgery, and blogging about it too!  Follow her at  All the best to you C.  I feel like I have made so many friends by doing this blog.  Maybe not “friends” in the traditional sense, after all, we’ve never even met.  But friends never the less, who I feel have been there for me, rooting for me, and lending me their support along the way throughout this process.  It has been really great.  But don’t worry, it’s not over yet.  I’ll be blogging for a while.  I hope to continue this until I feel like I am 100% back to normal.  We’ll see how long that takes! 🙂

Take care, and as always, thanks for following!